The GWU Covid Project

This project is co-sponsored by GW’s Department of American Studies, the GW Humanities Center, and the GW University Archives.

The project began as a research program in summer of 2020 in GW’s Department of American Studies. With summer funding through the department’s Kasch funding, three students (two undergraduates and one graduate) began working with Professor Melani McAlister to interview students from across the university about their experience.

American Studies then partnered with the University Archives at Gelman Library, which agreed to acquire all the oral histories and other materials from the project as part of the official university archives. Students and researchers are able to access all of the oral histories and donations of images and student projects through the University archives Covid Project page.

Of course, most of the interviews were on Zoom. Here American Studies senior Lexi Ross interviews junior Shealyn Fraser.

The program continued in academic year 20-21 with funding from GW’s Humanities Center. A student research assistant, Sneeha Bose, worked with Prof. McAlister and also with several other professors who engaged their students to continue the outreach and interviews, and to collect donations. You can read more about the project in the GW Hatchet and at in the CCAS newsletter.

We’re still looking for support to continue the project. The project’s research assistants will continue to conduct interviews with alumni, staff, and faculty. They also make sure all of our materials are accessible with captions, and available as searchable transcripts. You can donate through the American Studies department — just note that you want to support the Covid Project.