The GWU Covid Project is a documentary collection of materials from and about the George Washington’s University, documenting the experiences of students and their families, faculty, and staff. The core of the project is a collection of nearly 100 oral histories (and counting), plus donations of photographs, blog postings, and other documents by the GW community. The oral histories and donations are housed and searchable online at the University Archives. What you see here is a sample of the many hours of interviews, images, projects, and documents available there.
Pandemic and Politics in Paradise 11. Credit: Skylar Epstein

Oral Histories with Students & Alumni

GW students have interviewed other students, their families and friends, and donated those interviews to the archive. See a selection of student interviews here.

Photographs & Videos

Student projects, donations of photos by alumni, and a webpages created for courses on Covid and culture. See samples here.

Oral Histories with Faculty & Staff

We’re still working on gathering more interviews with GW staff, from hospital workers to university leadership, and with faculty from all over the university. See a few samples here.